20th Infantry

Sergeant Lewis H. Hill

Co. E, 20th Regiment North Carolina State Troops

Lewis H. Hill was a farmer in Duplin County, NC, when he enlisted in Company E, the “Confederate Grays,” 20th Regiment North Carolina State Troops on April 27, 1861.  He mustered in as a Private, and was promoted to Corporal in January of 1863.

On July 1, 1863, the 20th North Carolina served in the left center position of Iverson’s Brigade, and attacked Baxter’s Union Brigade on Oak Ridge (comprising the 12th Mass; 83d & 97th New York; 11th, 88th, & 90th Pennsylvania Infantry).  A blood bath ensued.  Of the 370 officers and men that the 20th North Carolina fielded that day, they suffered nearly 70% percent casualties and the loss of their battle flag.  

Lewis Hill was included in that number of casualties and captured.  He was initially held at Fort Delaware, and then transferred to Point Lookout, Maryland, in October of 1863.  He remained at Point Lookout until March of 1864 when he was exchanged.  Following his release, he was hospitalized and thereafter given a furlough due to scurvy.  

Hill returned to duty with his regiment in late spring of 1864, and was promoted to Sergeant a few months later.  He continued to serve until captured in the fight at Fort Stedman on March 25, 1865.  He was again confined at Point Lookout, MD, and remained there until his release on June 27, 1865.

After the War, he returned home to his family and farm.  Hill died on March 31, 1888, in Duplin County, North Carolina. 

Hill is shown in the 1861 North Carolina regulation sack coat. 

1/6th plate melainotype

Photographer:  Unknown

Image: Courtesy of Fred D. Taylor Collection.