26th Infantry

Third Lieutenant John Burton Holloway

Company F (the “Hibriten Guards”), 26th Regiment N.C. Troops

John Burton Holloway and his wife Victoria, recently married, farmed in the Patterson District of Caldwell County. On July 15, 1861, Holloway enlisted at Lenoir in the company known as the “Hibriten Guards,” subsequently Company F, 26th Regiment N.C. Troops, and was elected second lieutenant. A Confederate law passed in early 1862 mandated that twelve-months regiments such as the 26th North Carolina must reorganize and enlist again, this time for three years or the duration of the war. Elections were held for all company officers on April 12 and Holloway was not reelected.

However, in October 1862, Captain Joseph R. Ballew of Company F resigned, seriously ill. All three lieutenants moved up in rank. The third lieutenant position was thus vacant, and Holloway was elected to fill it. Holloway was killed in action at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, one of thirty-three members of the “Hibriten Guards” killed in that battle. One week later, July 8, 1863, his only son, John B. Holloway, Jr., was born.

A relative remembered that Lieutenant Holloway was “six feet seven inches tall, the tallest man in Caldwell,” and his son reckoned that his father’s large size made him an inevitable target of the Iron Brigade sharpshooters.

Image: Sixth-plate ambrotype, Caldwell Heritage Museum

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